Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unique Dolphin Hunting Style - Driving Fish Onto Land

Dolphins, in particular the bottle nose variety, are incredibly intelligent. Some of their intelligent behavior includes having the know how to kill sharks by busting the sharks gills with their snouts.

Many believe dolphins intelligence rivals our own, and just as with humans, their are bound to be bad individuals. They are also one of the few animals on this planet that are known tool users, using cuttle bones from cuttle fish to protect their snouts while rummaging through the sand looking for flat fish.

The main point of this post was to show off the video posted below however.  Many of use are familiar with Orca's sea lion hunting strategy, driving themselves ashore to reach the sea lions resting on the beach.  Not many of us are familiar with the bottle nosed dolphins take on this strategy.  They trap a school of fish between themselves and the shore line. As a group, they then charge towards the shore, stranding themselves in the process.  This creates a wave which pushes the fish onto the beach, the dolphins then easily pluck them from the shore line.  Of course the gulls present are more then happy to take advantage of this, and snatch any fish the dolphins may have missed.

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