Sunday, December 12, 2010

Man Has Faith In His Invention: Risks Own Finger On A Table Saw

A man has invented a unique saftey device for table saws.  The device will prevent accidental amputations by saw blades.  The saw is outfitted with a device that senses conductivity, since wood has poor conductivity, the blade will run properly when cutting wood, when an item with high conductivity (such as a human finger) gets near the saw blade, the blade is abruptly stopped at a ridiculous speed. The result is a mangled saw blade and safety device, and a perfectly fine finger.

The inventor has so much faith in his invention, that he personally inserts his finger into the saw blade.  The device works as planned, and his finger is spared, the saw, not so much.  The video is below.

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  1. This man faith in his technology is amazing! I just hope it's going to save people from getting hurt or even amputated! That video was crazy as hell too!