Friday, December 17, 2010

Machine with Animal Brain? Or Animal with Machine Brain? (2 Videos)

Two videos from New Scientist show different approaches for the development of cyborgs.  One video shows several different research teams controlling insect flight through electrodes implanted into the insects brain.  What immediately comes to my mind when I hear about this is the potential for military, police, and scientific exploration of hostile environments with these computer controlled bugs.

The other video shows cyborgs developed in the opposite direction.  These scientists start with a mechanical body and grow rat brain cells to help control it.  The brain is separate from the actual machine, and communicated with the robot wirelessly. and has been grown in a culture, and the culture has then been attached to electrodes.

I apologize about the dry voice overs in these videos, not my fault.

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  1. Holy crap, the first one was quite nice but nothing that got me surprised but the second? Simply amazing! Soon we'll have heads in formol like in futuramas!