Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sex in Space a No-Go

If you day dream about going into space, or wish you could be on that 30 month trip to mars that increasingly looks like it won't happen, think twice.  NASA has a policy against sex during their flights!

The alcohol rule is self explanatory.  Being in space is very technical and mix ups can have sever consequences, not to mention that no one is going to be impressed if some drunkard opens the air lock on the International Space Station!  There were actually some incidents of intoxication while on duty in the ISS before NASA implemented this rule.

Space flights are very similar, psychologically atleast, to prolonged missions to the Antarctic.  During Antarctic missions, it is common for researchers to engage in a "Bachelor Marriage" for the duration of the mission. This gives the scientists an obvious stress relief from the high-stress working conditions of our southern-most continent.

So why would NASA not allow sex in space?  There is the obvious problem of the "couple" having a fallout during the mission.  Since missions can be months long, this would obviously pose a negative situation, with the two previous lovers trapped in the same, confined space for several months after the fallout.  There is also the problem of sexual harassment, which would pose a similar problem to the one stated above.

Way back in 2000, there was an eight month space station simulation on earth.  During this simulation, a Russian man twice tried to kiss a Canadian woman.  The Russian was rejected and the resulting tension forced the project managers to install locks between the Russian and International compartments of the simulation.

During the 30 month mission to mars, sexual tensions are bound to rise.  It is a real problem that NASA must address.  NASA has considered sending couples on the mission, or perhaps making a low sex drive part of the criteria for the mission.  There is also the issue of privacy, astronauts vital signs, including temperature and heart rate, are always being monitored.  The values of these signs during sex would be a dead giveaway, so NASA must also make a decision balancing privacy and safety in regarding sex.  Not to mention the other crew members would be a few meters away (at the most) at any given time.

There is also the very real problem of pregnancy in space.  Drugs are absorbed less effectively in lower gravity, so many forms of birth control would be less effective on long voyages.  Not to mention the problem of the developing fetus should pregnancy occur.  It would be very likely to experience all sorts of developmental problems.

Obviously sex in space is going to happen, again and again.  This being said, it is a area of study that has been barley touched. Considering there are many real, significant issues, further research is needed.


  1. I guess I could survive 30 months without sex if it had to be about going into space! Think about it, it's a one time life experience! Yet, I couldn't barely keep it up with my 1month no sex before a fight when I used to tko..

  2. Yeh, being in space would be amazing! But still thats 2 and a half years. Thats asking alot of any man (or woman).

  3. Still, it must be some experience, non-gravitational sex...